Feb 10

Like many small business owners you have questions about copyright laws. What are your rights? What can be protected and how do you protect your creation? Here is a link to some of the best easy to understand answers you can find. COPYRIGHT BASICS This information is provided by the United States Copyright Office.

Not only can you learn about the basic but when you visit the USCO website you can apply directly from the site to register your work. It includes all the information you need to get your work submitted including info about fees and file submission.

Like many companies there will be times when you need to know what the copyright laws are. Knowing when you are infringing on someone else’s rights is just as important if not more important as knowing your own rights. Don’t find yourself in the middle of a legal battle because you didn’t know the law. The information you need is well organized and right at your fingertips. For more information visit: http://www.copyright.gov/

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